The legacy of mankind is to help complete each other, filling the gap, share the love and to uplift society to strive for a better future generation.

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The Purpose


To help in reducing poverty and strengthen the economic values to the under priviliged people. Poverty eradication is the essence of the whole establishment as we are pledged to this cause.


To strengthen the spiritual development. Undeniably the most crucial part for every changes toward excellence, for every individual or organization. As the inner part becoming better it will influence the other areas to assert and follow. We take Spiritual development very seriously.


To develop international cooperation’s and connecting it to the many communities. The revelation of the importance of cooperation among others organization including partnership is stamped within our DNA, with it we will reach out to more variety people across many nations.


To develop an independent and sustainable human being. Independent and sustainable is the future, it is in our hearts to create and develop such program that will support this key element.


To aid and support God’s people through care giving and awareness. Previously we mentioned how serious we are when it comes to faith and spiritual development, it would be imbalance if we don’t reach out and support the other side of equation, God’s people and God’s servant.

These are the quintessential ingredients in order to enhance our future, creates more opportunities for those still in need, give the immediate aid to the one in critical situation, to bring closer balance to the extreme gaps between societies, help raise intellectual capacity in a community, spread and share the love toward one another as we live to make others live. The generation at this era is at the cornerstone edge in expanding furthermore, we are in the right time to be involve, partake, even pioneered in every waking chance arise to realize solutions to this cause.


On the other hand, the social aspects is also one the cause root in causing the delayed of advancement, lack of proper skills training within the society, additionally even if there is, providing one with no charge is truly a rare one nowadays, a complete absence of opportunity to the elderly to be part of an active community, a simple second chance for them, as for the father and motherless children, sidelined and misguided, almost no opportunities to have a proper plan in their life.


In realization of what we want to achieve, we can’t avoid but to identify the issues causing the derailment, causing the delayed in such current accelerated time as now, here are to mentioned a few. Quality of an education and lack of opportunity to gain knowledge, to be a knowledgeable individual and have the slightest chance in bettering their life, their family, their community, even their environment. From the perspective of humanitarian side postponement to receive aid in time because of bureaucracy, inability to recover speedily from any natural disaster, the lack of understanding on how to recover from it, how to prevents if its preventable.

The Background

“ If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”
African Proverbs

It all started with a unity at hearts after seeing many underprivileged and marginalized people  in Indonesia and even through out the world, realizing this matter has become the very basis factor of so many humanitarian issues currently happening in the whole wide world. Considering the state of the urgency, a group of like-minded individuals gathered with a divine purpose to share some hope and opportunity and a better future to these underprivileged and marginalized peoples, our aim is to finally help solve this basic issue.

Based on those heart moving purposes , City of David Indonesia Foundation ( Yayasan Civitas Daud Indonesia)  was legally formed on the 22th of June 2020

In which the members and leaders of this foundation are top professionals from various different backgrounds, such as education, entertainment industry, business industry, travel industry, and trading.

These remarkable individuals agreed to form a Christian foundation that function in humanitarian and social fields to distribute funds, thought, power, or time for noble purposes in Indonesia and unto the world nations. Our hope is the forming of this foundation will be the extension of God’s hand to help the underprivileged people.

The Team

The very core of every accomplished organizations lies in the Hands, Heads and Heart of its key personnel, without them simply there is no us, with warm love here are the line ups.







Mrs. Amelia Tjahjadi

Special Domestic Relation Advisor

Mr. Trevor Akindele

Chairman City of David Mission

Mr. Adetokumbo Ogundeyin

Head City of David Mission

Mr. Fidelis Okei

Special International Relation Advisor

Mr. Nmelu Ikechukwu

Special Business Relation Advisor

Mr Idowu Iluyomade

Chairman City of David Mission

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